So, I finally finished my second Boxee plugin. This time I can call it a real plugin, there are options, lists and dialogs. Hooray!

The plugin is called “Vrt Internetradio”, and it basicly plays internet streams from the VRT (Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie).
The VRT  owns several radio stations and they provide streams to listen to them via the internet. I took the opportunity to use those to make a Boxee plugin so we all can play them with our beloved Boxee.

There’s not that much functionality, but I tried to keep the layout simple and tried to give a good user experience (up/down buttons to right controls and such).

Screenshots and download link are below , don’t hesitate to comment ¬†and help me improve the plugin.

The main screen
The main screen

Info about a particular station and substations to play Station info

Starting a radio station: Starting a radio station

The options dialog The options dialog

Download the plugin