I had some problems with my squeezebox server installation after upgrading to Oneiric.
When I tried starting the server, I got this error:

Starting Squeezebox Server: Use of inherited AUTOLOAD for non-method YAML::Syck::DumpYAML() is deprecated at /usr/share/squeezeboxserver/CPAN/YAML/Syck.pm line 65.
The following modules failed to load: DBI EV XML::Parser::Expat HTML::Parser JSON::XS Digest::SHA1 YAML::Syck Sub::Name
If you’re running some unsupported Linux/Unix platform, please use the buildme.s
script located here:


If 7.6 is outdated by the time you read this, Replace “7.6” with the major versi
You should never need to do this if you’re on Windows or Mac OSX. If the install
don’t work for you, ask for help and/or report a bug.

of Squeezebox Server you are running.


I read a lot on Google, about checking out a SVN repository and compiling stuff myself, but that failed for me.
Installing a nightly version of the server is what solved my problems, version 7.7 that is.
There doesn’t appear to be a “squeezeboxserver”, but installing “Logitech Media Server” instead worked perfectly in my case.

You can get it here: