This is a plugin based on the one I wrote here: sublime-text2-rsync-on-save
The problem with the rsync-on-save plugin, is that it doesn’t support project specific rsync commands, mainly because Sublime Text doesn’t support project specific settings for packages.

In this plugin I worked around it in a certain way. I created a  plugin which executes a command based on the folder path.
The path-command mapping is stored in a settings file, so it can be edited from  within Sublime Text 2.

I put the project on GitHub, so to install it, clone this repository into your packages folder.

There are some examples of path-command mapping in the settings file, and FYI, this is how my settings file looks:

  "commands": [
    "/Users/klaascuvelier/Projects/showpad/cms/::/Users/klaascuvelier/Projects/showpad/cms/ &",
    "/Users/klaascuvelier/Projects/showpad/presentation/::/Users/klaascuvelier/Projects/showpad/presentation/ &",
    "/Users/klaascuvelier/Projects/showpad/dashboard/::/Users/klaascuvelier/Projects/showpad/dashboard/ &",
    "/Users/klaascuvelier/Projects/showpad/support/::/Users/klaascuvelier/Projects/showpad/support/ &"