About me

I am Klaas Cuvelier, a passionate web developer with over a decade of experience.

In 2009, I started my career at Netlog as a front-end developer on their frontend team. During my internship, I successfully replaced their chat system with my fellow intern, which garnered recognition and led to us winning a prestigious Belgian IT award for the accomplishment.

In 2012, I joined Showpad as their first full-time software engineer helping with building their web applications. Gradually I took on additional responsibilities such as participating in the hiring process, mentoring new team members, and shaping the company's technical roadmap.

Furthermore, I have provided consulting services to multiple companies, assisting them with their products and technologies.

Throughout my journey, I have gained valuable insights by working together with talented people and meeting conference attendees, which inspired me to contribute back to the community. I have organized meetups, such as the SoCraTes meetup, and co-hosted the GhentJS meetup. I also lead the Frontend Guild at Showpad. Additionally, although not consistently, I have shared some blog posts on this site.

In addition to my passion for web development and technology, I also enjoy spending time outdoors, particularly through running and hiking. I have documented some of my experiences on my running page.