I run faster than a SF Cable Car

I am writing this in 2023, but this post is about the period I resided in San Francisco, from August 2016 until July 2018.

A while after moving to San Francisco I found out that A Runner's Mind was holding monthly races against the SF cable car on Hyde street. The top speed for a cable car is about 15km per hour (9.5 miles per hour).

I joined about 5 times and was consistently faster then the cable car. A couple of times I was even the fastest of the joiners, which landed me a pair New Balance shoes 🥳.

I also used to hold the KOM on the Hyde St Cable Car Race segment until recently. Losing it made me realize I actually had that KOM.

Some action photos:

Me racing the cable car on Hyde Street

Finishing the race on Hyde street


I dug a little in my Strava account and was able to find these entries: